Project: NOAH

The Natural Evolution of Travel

Water's Edge Software, partnering with a vacation and travel industry leader, has embarked on the next evolution of eCommerce for the vacation and travel industry. While existing online service providers, such as Expedia® and Travelocity®, have done an excellent job in addressing a shopper's online search for hotels, air travel, and car rentals, and then booking the same, certain markets still remain virtually untapped, or are poorly serviced.

NOAH Concept Presents New Opportunities for Vendors and Shoppers

Code named "Project: NOAH", this packaged solution allows sellers of products and services ("Vendors") to attract and interact with prospective buyers ("Shoppers") in order to maximize market awareness of their offerings, and also to dramatically enhance their closure rate, where a Shopper's interest becomes a sale.

Similarly, NOAH provides Shoppers with real-time, accurate and comprehensive information to compare various Vendors' offerings, and to make an informed purchase. NOAH's eCommerce securely handles online financial transactions, leveraging the best practices of existing leading financial service providers.

Product Differentiation

Unlike existing, leading online travel service providers, NOAH targets markets that are currently unserviced, or that are poorly serviced. NOAH rounds out the set of vacation and travel industry services that are available to Vendors and Shoppers, rather than competing against existing providers. This presents new opportunities for both Vendors and Shoppers.

Timeline, Already in Progress

Initial market research, lasting over a year in duration, concluded in the third quarter of 2008, though research is ongoing in order to continuously seek out new market opportunities, and to glean industry best practices. This phase included technology evaluation, key technology vendor selection, and creating a proof-of-concept that successfully demonstrated advanced searches, executing with very promising performance. Product development started in the fourth quarter of 2008, and it continues today.

No Additional Information is Available at this Time

Water's Edge Software is not releasing any additional information at this time. Future updates will be provided as the project progresses, and as key project milestones are reached.


“The markets that have been overlooked by today’s travel and vacation leaders, are poised to be serviced by NOAH.

This presents fresh oppor-tunities for vendors, of course. But ultimately, the shoppers will also benefit with a wider selection, greater value, and more productive use of their time.”