Software Development


Packaged Software: Pretty Close, Moderately Priced

In many cases, software packages will address a majority of business needs, and carry only a moderate purchase price. Examples include MYOB, an accounting package for small businesses, and Microsoft Dynamics, a multi-faceted package for mid-size companies, which scaled both upwards and down. We encourage companies to first look at software packages, and to do so seriously, before considering custom software.

When “pretty close” isn't close enough

Even though software packages can do a great job in many businesses, there are situations in which custom software is preferred, or possibly, the only viable option:

  • Your company is in a unique industry or profession, for which there are few, if any, software packages available.
  • The software packages that are available for your business are not sufficiently matured, lacking feature robustness, or not capturing best practices.
  • The way you do business is unique, and there are compelling reasons not to change your processes and/or business practices in order to comply with a software package.
  • You have very specific requirements that are not met by packages, and it is not feasible to modify a package to accommodate your needs.
  • You already have a custom system in place that serves you well, and you want to augment its capabilities.
  • You have compelling strategic and/or tactical reasons why you must have complete control over your system.

The Water’s Edge Software Difference

As long-time consultants and advisors, our first task is to help you determine if you are best-served by a custom-development effort, or by choosing some other option, such as adopting a software package, process improvement, or something else entirely.

If you should conclude that custom development is the most appropriate course of action, then we can facilitate this process, whether we are doing the custom work ourselves, partnering with your team, or someone else is doing the work. Our expertise here is indispensable. We ensure that you remain "in the driver's seat" — In the know, well-informed, and always the Key Decision-Maker.

We make it easy to work together.

The Right Methodology and Process

Prospective clients often ask us which implementation methodology we use. Our answer: The rIght one. That's because there is no one "best" methodology that suits all situations. Some clients prefer the "standard waterfall" model. In other cases, a project based on "agile" principles may be more appropriate. Each client is unique. We respect that. And we embrace it.

We offer a wide variety of advanced skills

We offer a variety of cross-discipline skills, using a variety of systems and tools. See our Comprehensive Professional Services Offerings page for more details.


“No one strategy, process, or tool represents the key to success. That’s because each engagement presents its own unique challenges... It demands creativity, and on-going adaptability to change.”