4D Development


 Whether 4D is deployed in a classic Client/ Server architecture, or as a potent, n-tier web architecture, 4D is a cost-effective, high-performance solution that is scalable, and requires very little maintenance. We have been developing 4D applications since the 1990s, and now, we are fluent in the fastest, most feature-rich version of 4D ever, 4D v16 SQL.



We are proud to be long-time 4D developers, since the early 1990s with 4D 2.2.3. Our product experience, information systems expertise, and strength in industry best practices, makes us an outstanding candidate for handling your next 4D project, or to augment your 4D team.

Overview of 4D v16 SQL

4D is actually several products in one: (1) A powerful SQL database engine, (2) an application engine that executes your business logic, (3) a sophisticated presentation layer for client/server applications or local databases, (4) a web server, and (5) a robust, integrated development environment ("IDE"). 4D lets you use the parts of 4D that are most suited to your needs, while easily integrating 4D with other products. So, for example, if you'd rather use an Oracle database, or an Apache web server, you can.

What’s great for you, is also great for us

Owners and users of systems written in 4D love them for the same reasons we, designers and developers, do:

  • 4D runs fast. The database server. The applications. It's a high performer.
  • Low-cost software licenses for 4D products. Starting is affordable.
  • Systems written with 4D require little or no maintenance. This translates into fewer headaches, and lower operating costs for owners.
  • Rapid design and development of 4D applications, and entire systems.
  • 4D has a wealth of advanced features, should you need them.
  • You can create "Commercial Quality" applications. Or "Quick 'n Dirty" ones, if you need to.
  • 4D is very scalable, so the single-user 4D system you need today can easily scale to become a 3-user system, or a 500-user system, without the need to rewrite your system. 4D can run on a single computer, or across a Local Area Network (LAN), or even a Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • 4D can run on Windows, Mac OS X, or a mix of both. Additionally, third-party products in a 4D implementation, such as database servers and web servers, can run on other operating systems, like Unix and Linux.

In short, 4D lets you start small, and grow as your needs grow, to enterprise levels and performance, with hundreds of concurrent users, without the worry that you'll have to start over. For more information about 4D, visit www.4D.com.

We are active in 4D v16

Water's Edge Software is active in 4D v16 development, on clients' projects, and on our own. Since the early 1990s, with 4D 2.2.3, we have recognized the value proposition that 4D offers: Rapid development, high performance, very low maintenance, and the ability to create the best applications.